Thursday, November 18, 2010

This isn't OCC

Fuck OCC and his wannabe biker kid Paulie J yo! I will be posting pictures throughout of my shop. You will notice its small and efficient, sporting only manual tools. Thats right, no Waterjets or HAAS here. I got a lot of my knowledge from Lock Baker, I'm sure plenty of you are familiar with the name; at his shop you will not find one piece of computer controlled equipment. Lock builds killer HAND CRAFTED bikes capable of winning first place in the AMD's (by hand) and thats how it should be done . Having a team of computer engineers designing and pushing buttons to whip out sharp edged parts that can be replicated endlessly is not my idea of "custom." The average consumer of "custom motorcycles" needs a reality check  stop supporting big business MC shops (if you can even call them that), come back to reality not "reality TV"  and support your local builders!

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