Friday, November 19, 2010

Mad Jap

This past August I made the trip to Sturgis, SD for the first time. I was able to be a part of the Limpnickie Lot in a sense thanks to my friend Lock who is an "official" member. The lot is a great place filled with guys and gals who actually do what everyone else claims they do. It is a really cool scene and kind of makes you realize why you put so much time and energy into building something most people don't get.
The second night I'm up at the bar outside the Spoke and I meet Dale Yamada of Mad Jap Kustoms, real cool cat... you can check his blog out for more details of the story (it's actually pretty funny). Anyways, back to my rant. The next day we rode down town to check out the scene taking it slow as to stay under the radar but fucking with baggers whenever the coast was clear. To make a long story short, the motor on my bike ends up seizing up the next day due to a faulty breather gear job done by a local shop which I will probably make mention of in the coming months. So, we tear into the motor and trans. looking for the issue, realize it cant be fixed without welding and machining, and now I'm strait up shits creek with no ride in a place I have been dreaming about riding for years. What's Dale do? Gives me his personal ride so I'm not left behind. Fuck dude! Are you serious? Hell yes he was! The Cycle Source ride was by far one of the best times I've had on a bike. Ringing a couple rigid chops out through the Black Hills of SD scaring the shit outa baggers in the S's makes for a memorable ride; and that fucker can ride! Coming from a GP background the guy knows what he is doing. Back to the crowded streets we changed gears from attack mode to fuck off mode, locking up sticky rubber behind the illustrious bagger at every stop light. My maiden trip to Sturgis was definitely all about good times, good people and a couple good friends! Cheers fucker!

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