Saturday, November 20, 2010


Over the past couple years Lock and I have become great friends. I was doing engine work at a local shop but I wanted to learn more about fabrication. Lock came by the shop one day and I approached him for advice on how to section up a couple or Fat Bob's. Without hesitation he offered to help me at his shop after work. I had no idea but this would be the beginning of a great friendship. Over the next couple years Lock taught me everything I was willing to learn. Lock is the kind of teacher who will give you great advice and a good starting point, then leave you alone to figure the rest out for yourself. Never has there been a time where I couldn't get something right and he took the tools from my hand, doing it himself. A good teacher lets you figure out how to make things right on your own. Lock is a big part of my success and for that I am grateful. Who could ask for a better teacher and friend?!