Friday, November 26, 2010

Down tube

I picked this roller up out of New Hampshire for my next project. The frame showed some repairs when I initially looked it over but I didn't notice this damage until I had it all stripped down. Slugging a stationary frame tube in it's middle is somewhat of a pain. I decided I would drill the plug holes at either end where they should be as well as one near the neck forging and one in the middle of the replacement tube. I snaked some safety wire through the holes and fastened it to the slugs drawing them into the tubes as needed. Set the replacement tube into place, pulled the slugs into position and tacked.

The rear seat area needed a lot of attention as well and I added some really cool early 40's forged pieces as well. Update coming soon.

 Looks like the bike was dropped on this side and the tube was bent inward
 Section to be replaced. Notice the slug sticking out of the forging, and the piece of safety wire. It will draw up into the bottom of the forging then get lowered into place and tacked.
 Finish welded

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