Tuesday, January 24, 2012

XS650 Re-Phase

When re phasing XS you need to rotate crank 3 splines but when you do there is no opening for the key to index itself. Being hardened there was no way to make the slot, so I rigged up a grinding stone in the slitting saw arbiter and made the cut. It worked very well and only took about 5 minutes

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  1. Very nice. You may know this already but you can dress the wheel with a diamond dresser just like you would a wheel on a surface grinder.

  2. "Where is the rest of the rephase??"

    -What do you mean?

  3. I want to see the whole process. Many people are doing them, but curious to see your take. You just have this part doing the grind. Or is that all you need to do and other people cut them and off set them, then reweld doing it all the hard way???

    I like the way you work and show step by step photos. It is very inspiring even if I don't have your equipment or skills. I still like to look and dream.