Monday, January 23, 2012

Shoulder Bolt

I needed a shoulder bolt with a certain size shoulder today for a tool I'm making, so I decided to manufacture it rather than open the McMaster catalog, spend a half hour searching through the thousands of different sizes, calling them up and then waiting a day with nothing to do and no tool to make new parts with. Here it is from raw form to finished bolt. 


  1. Ahhhh fuck it I will just make one.... Don't you just love that you can say that.

  2. Dale is Mad Jap guy right? If so, he's got a 30k frame table! Anyway, I take it you welded the bolt to the round, can't see in the pic?

  3. The first and third pictures say it all. I took a piece of stainless bar, cut the threads than machined the shoulder. When the threads were right I put it in the dividing head and milled the six flats in taking 3/4 down to 9/16, turns out to be something like a .103 depth of cut per flat.