Friday, January 21, 2011


HD has supposedly released it's newest addition to it's "young generation" fleet. As if the "Crossbones," horrendous excuse for a chopper "Rocker" and the  "Forty-Eight" weren't bad enough, they have decided to try again creating the "Blackline." Wtf is going on here? Why are factories trying to create "choppers" and flexing what they think is "cool" onto us? Let me first say this. A factory will NEVER ever be able to create a production chopper. Everything a chopper stands for, individuality, stripped down, carburated, illegal, fuck you- freedom machines cannot be accomplished by a manufacturer conforming to today's DMV standards. If we were to completely forget about having to produce a DMV acceptable bike and just focus on the Production aspect, that alone would make the feat impossible; PRODUCTION-CHOPPER, enough said. What about the words production, custom and chopper (or as they prefer "bobber" {cringe}) makes any sense? Some fresh college design grad who doesn't know shit about what made the 40's-50's "bobbers" cool is going to design a bike that's got a lowered seat, a rigid looking suspension, some chrome pipes, low bars and a shorter rear fender; then call that a "bobber" influenced motorcycle? I don't think so!  For the $15,500 starting price, go to one of the handful of builders I know, including myself and get a real fucking bike! 


  1. The problem with HD is.....ah fuck were do I start? Ok how about this most people have no idea what is cool unless their office pencil pushing geek friends tell them. Lets face it when it comes to cool the ring leader is some dumb fat fuck sitting behind his desk. Now this ass fuck behind his marketing degree who just landed a new job at HD is telling his boss that what he has is the next big thing! Hey I don't mind that HD is doing such a shit ass job and that their bikes suck ass!!! It just makes us look better. I mean lets face it we need all the corporate fucks to go some where? Honda,Yamaha,Kawasaki and of course HD!!

  2. Oh ya lets not forget all you assholes who love OCC !! GO GET FUCKED!!!!