Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Rear hub

I started machining my rear hub from that piece of 6" 6061. I got it running true and bored the axle hole. Then I was able to put in registration marks so that I could attach the juice drum on the drive side. Sometimes i keep old broken parts in hopes that I can use them for something one day. In this case, this broken drum was perfect. I drilled out the alignment pins and machined a shouldered piece of aluminum that fit the bore of the bearing race on the drum roughly 1 5/8" while the smaller end fit the 1" hole I machined in the hub. I then drilled and tapped one of the holes so that the plate would fit tight to the hub as well as keeping it from rotating while I drilled the rest of the holes.  The other side will receive a 5 hole bolt pattern so that it can mate to a 15" car rim. Update coming.

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