Friday, January 21, 2011


These past couple days I have been working on the trans and kicker cover. The intent was to change out the bent kicker shaft and weld in the threaded piece I made to fit the oil cap. Easy breezy...ya, right. I got the kicker cover off and instantly noticed the rust and thick milky mix of oil and h2o frothing from the case. Disassembling the kicker cover lead to the next treasure; a hairline crack around one of the covers ears. At this point I should have just tossed the cover and got a freshy but decided to continue and weld the new filler neck on anyway. I cleaned the fuck out of the cover, and it welded like shit! So, instead of getting a new piece I spent all night welding and rotary-filing, welding and rotary-filing away. Needless to say I was finally able to get all the shit out of the weld area and fix the cracked ear, then machined it flat, polished it and finally scotch-brited it. In the middle of all that while I was waiting around for the cover to cool I took a look at the new kicker gears and shaft to be installed. The finish work on one of the gears bushings was rough to say the least so I ran it down a ream  couple of times and problem solved. Be weary, just because you are using brand new parts doesn't mean you can throw them right in without inspection. If that gear were to bind on the main shaft there would be issues.

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