Friday, December 30, 2011

Vice Jaws

The mill came with a nice old Kurt vise but it was missing the jaws. Instead of buying some and waiting a week for them to come in I decided to make them.
Had some 3/4" plate kicking around the shop that happened to be 6" wide 

Roughing the torch cut ends in.

Finish Pass.

I have a 2" stone in the surface grinder to speed things up.

Left end.

Right end, I'd say its square.

After the holes were marked via a set of transfer screws I made on the lathe quick, it was center drilled, then drilled for a 1/2" bolt and counter bored.

I used the quill as a sort of press to keep the jaw tight to the vice while it was bolted in.

Finished up, 3 hrs or 1 week?

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