Saturday, December 4, 2010

Bump stick

Last night I was in the shop and decided to open up the cam compartment on the '67. To my relief everything looks and feels great. I pulled the cam to check it out, turns out it's a nice Sifton 412 with big duration and short overlap! I take out the breather gear and the inside of the pocket is like glass, even better.  Thank God who ever was in the motor last knew what they were doing. All I have to do is replace the lifters and throw some new gaskets in.
Andrews J vs. Sifton 412. Notice the duration

Honey hole! Nice fit/finish, no wear or slop.


  1. Holy crap dude the valves must have stayed open for a long time. What was the lift on that thing? It looks like the ramp is steep and crazy overlap too.