Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I made 112 (total) of these bushings in around 10hrs once I was set up and in a rythm. Without the new machine I would have hung myself. Run time for one piece was around 1min 10sec. The handling time killed me, drilling and cutting, then getting set back up to run another. I started making a parting tool for this lathe but time wasn't on my side and I couldn't finish it before these needed to be delivered. 


  1. I bet you make time to finish that parting tool now!!! holy crap that would have pushed me over the edge...mind you I drilled and tapped over 100 holes in my 1" welding table yesterday, so i guess we could probably both use a drink..

  2. Are they neck cups, they look like neck cups?! When you know how many, repetition can be quite rewarding; it's when its endless that it becomes a drag!