Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I'm Back

With a new machine to boot. Our buddy Scott hooked us up with this mill yesterday and we started striping it down and fixing it up last night. We took the Y and Z tables off and found some obvious issues with the screw nuts so they are getting replaced with either new bronze nuts or ball screws. I'm leaning towards ball screws as I'm thinking of doing a CNC conversion on the machine over the winter. We were able to fix the quill auto feed (someone totally butchered it, had it spaced about an inch out and left it for dead). The machine runs but it's not getting hooked up until we I'm happy with it's performance. Gotta put a call in to a  friend of mine who used to scrape ways for a living as well as fix/replace some small missing parts and add a coolant res. Here are some pics of what we have so far.

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  1. Nice bro! Now you get to build some really cool shit!