Sunday, September 18, 2011

3rd Annual BK Invitational

Another event came and gone. This years theme was showcasing the "Cali talent," or lack there of. I for one want to go to a show and see hand made shit. Not just a collection of so called builders ideas of a pile of assembled "period correct" chopper parts. Don't get me wrong, there were some sweet looking period style bikes with a ton of hand made parts but there were just as many swap meet bikes in the mix. I thought building bikes was about being creative an innovative but I must be confused? Your entitled to like what you want, I'm just challenging the idea.  


  1. Boy am I a dumb ass. I have been building things by hand and all along.
    I better start going on e bay and buy a bunch of worn out over priced shit production Harley parts and then I can become a bike builder and maybe some day I too can be invited to such a show. Man the talent it must take to buy parts and bolt them on.
    One day I will get there you'll see, boy oh boy you'll see.
    But un till then I will have to do it the easy way by taking flat sheets of steel, round tubing and raw materials to build a bike...

  2. Oh sorry one more thing, that last picture? Man how do these guys do it? To weld on the tubing all crooked? Man it sure is cool how they make the frame look all un even like that. Sweet, such talented.

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