Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What's going on?

So I have been kinda slacking on creating new posts lately. I just got back from Sturgis which was a blast, but it knocked the hell out of me. I'm home now and working my ass off to finish all the little things on my new bike that I couldn't get to before the trip out west. It seems kind of foolish I guess in retrospect to enter a bike in the AMD's which was only rideable the day it was loaded on the trailer but hey, if I skipped this years goal of entering a bike I would have been really disapointed in myself. Anyways, I have a lot of trick little parts finished up for the new build and will be posting them throughout the next week. I also have a new t-shirt design and logo which should be all set and ready to sell in a couple weeks. Thanks for the continued support.
On another note. I will be at this years Brooklyn Invitational (outside) so come by and check the show out. It keeps getting better and better; this year should be no exception. Now if only I could get Dale to fly his ass out.......
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  1. I saw your bike at the AMD and I'm glad you brought it. I really dug it. Thanks.