Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Ride

Decided to take the day off from work to relax and ride my bike with some friends. We headed north on a scenic road for a couple hours until we reached our destination. 

Then on the way back  the nuts that hold the generator together unscrewed themselves and left me on the side of the road so, I pulled the broken housing off....

And I limped home on the battery. I made it back to my home town when it finally drained and I was riding on it's last leg. I needed to keep the engine at a certain rpm where it wasn't requiring too much spark but the revs were just high enough to keep it running. An old Datsun piloted by some chick pulled out in front of me so I did what anyone would do and passed her ass in the shoulder. As I get around her the light down the road turns red and I think to myself. Decision time. Do I give up now, or do I blow the light? Well I chose the latter but with due caution but luck wasn't 100% on my side and there was no way of getting through the intersection without getting t-boned so I gave into fate and let the bike stall out. The woman in the car was overly perturbed by my actions (too fucking bad) and she saw it necessary to let me know through a plethora of expletives. Looking back I didn't see Joe anywhere so I waited for a bit until I saw him jogging his rig up the shoulder. Laughing and shaking my head I asked "what Happened?" "Ran out of gas." Haha, so while he went to bug some neighbors for a gallon I relaxed and stared down the 10 or more bagger fucks who rode by, looked at me nodded and kept riding.  Sweet!
When Joe returned with some gas I figured I'd step on the kicker for shits and giggles. Battery had enough juice left to fire up and off we were. Blowing through the next two red lights; one which was a close  ass call, too close really, we finally arrived at our final destination.

Hey, without unexpected events which seemingly opened doors to free passes to fuck off it would have been just another ride.

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