Sunday, April 3, 2011

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Mad Jap Kustoms "Garage Builders Bike Show" 

ALL BIKES MUST FILL OUT AN ENTRY FORM AND PRE-REGISTER OR THEY WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO ENTER IN THE SHOW. You must send a photograph of your bike to us once you have registered for the show. Send your email to:
Rules to Enter Your Build (no exceptions!):
1) No Fat Tire Bikes
2) No Kit Bikes
3) No Shop Bikes
4) No Full Resto Bikes
5) If you have a HD and bolted on a bunch of catalogue parts this does not qualify you as a "Garage Builder"
6) Bikes MUST BE BUILT in your garage
7) You must ride your build from your garage to the event
8) If you have a chase truck and at any time your bike is loaded into your truck or trailer you will be disqualified from the bike show. Chase trucks for carrying fuel and tools only.
9) Bike must be registered and insured (proof required at time of payment and final entry in show)
10) All makes and models will qualify
11) You must purchase a Toad Rock BIke Rally Standard Pass at a cost of $60 (the "Garage Builders Bike Show entry is not include in the cost of this pass) Toad Rock Bike Rally 2011 Weekend Pass
We reserve the right to disqualify any person(s) found cheating on the rules or acting unsportsman like or rude to any other person(s) in the show. If you want respect treat others accordingly!
I will promote this in The Horse, Back street Choppers and Street Choppers mag's.
I will also post this shit up everywhere I can in the right places!
I will have posters and people can get them for distribution.
Networking the shit out of this!
I will be taking a ton of pictures and sending them to various contacts and magazines....who knows your mug might show up in a magazine!
All entry fee money will be divided into First, Second and Third places.  The owner of Toad Rock is putting up an additional $500 in prize money. Mad Jap Kustoms is hand making the trophy's for First, Second and Third place winners.
This show is to gather like minded people and have a good time! So if you think you are the next Jesse James and have an attitude about your build please do not come.

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