Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It's a bobber BABY!

Back when my bike was "old school". Probably could have won the Willies show looking like this, all I need is a proper Bates seat...oh wait I sold that shit on Ebay.


  1. I have a bunch of great stock Harley Davidson parts for your bike that I was going to throw out! So you mean to tell me if I bolt on all this junk I can win a bike show!!! Wow......well fuck this then Im going to trash all my hand made one of a kind parts because I was thought that skill and craftsmanship won bike shows? But your right! I will get my friend who has no skills at all to bolt my bike together for me so I can go get me a sweet trophy.

  2. so this one became the steel panther?

    Looks 1000's times awesome as the panther IMO,Flower of death kicks major monkey ass too!

    There will always be critics when people do stuff that's new, or different, it's almost like the less people like you, the more awesome what you are doing is, but maybe i'm just nuts....